Massé World


While many individuals with albinism and vitiligo face a society that does not accept them
and/or judges them badly because of their physical appearance; social acceptance is a vital aspect
in the life of a person and a key contributor to a failure of enjoyment of life. To this end, Massé
is geared to promote the inclusion of individuals suffering from albinism and vitiligo by raising
awareness and improve the quality of life the individuals. To ensure that affected adults, youth,
and their families have sufficient information about albinism and vitiligo, as well as the support
needed to thrive in society, Massé aims to develop educational activities intending to improve
their social inclusion and acceptance. For instance, using the term “person with albinism” is
preferred to avoid the stigma of other terms.

The educational activities of Massé are geared to facilitate the full participation of young and
adult individuals with albinism and vitiligo in society, by promoting training seminars for
families, as well as individuals in the community.
The social benefits of Massé’s programs aim to empower the affected individuals and encourage
self-acceptance in order to motivate a community where acceptance promotes a peaceful
enjoyment of life for all.