International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (IADPO)


The International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (IADPO, also known as GlobalSkin) is a unique global alliance that is committed to improving the lives of all people living with dermatological conditions worldwide through research, advocacy and support.

GlobalSkin represents people who live with over 3,000 skin conditions that can afflict any of us. We nurture relationships with member organizations and those involved in healthcare, building dialogue with decision-makers around the globe to promote patient-centered healthcare.
GlobalSkin is a truly global alliance of patient organizations that serve people living with dermatological conditions or skin traumas. We have 162 members (patient organizations) from 51 countries representing over 60 disease areas.

Together we work to improve the lives of those affected by dermatological conditions throughout the world by:

  • Initiating dialogue and advocating for access to new and existing treatments, and dermatological care to improve patients’ quality of life;
  • Raising awareness of the incidence of, and the challenges for, people living with serious dermatological diseases to create better understanding; and
  • Supporting our Members, not-for-profit dermatology patient organizations, through education, global campaigning, sharing of best-practices and beneficial networking opportunities to strengthen support for patients and build a strong, inclusive movement;
  • building special focus communities; and
  • conducting patient–initiated research.

We appeal as one voice to the World Health Organization and other key influencers to recognize the debilitating nature of dermatological disease so that more resources for research and treatment options are made readily available to those afflicted and in need of help.

The common thread through these important GlobalSkin initiatives is credible data, which we will collect in the first-ever global patient-initiated ‘impact of skin disease’ research project, Global Research on the Impact of Dermatological Diseases (GRIDD). This research is expected to have a profound and lasting impact on key decision-makers. By collecting data from the dermatology patient perspective to represent their real-life conditions around the world, the dermatological community will gain better awareness, making it easier to truly help patients.

Together, we are stronger.