Derma Care Access Network


Who we are:

Comprised of over 40 non-profit advocacy and professional organizations, The Derma Care Access Network (DCAN),  is an independent, non-profit stakeholder coalition focused on appropriate access to patient centered skin care and sponsors educational initiatives and advocacy programs designed to encourage informed policymaking about the benefits of access to patient centered dermatological care.

These programs provide the foundational capacity for developing a network of engaged advocates who are trained, organized and activated in furtherance of DCAN’s mission.

What We do:

DCAN promotes better skin health through advocating for public policies that:

  • Encourage the advancement of dermatological science and innovation
  • Support the education of patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders
  • Promote the development of improved means of preventing and treating skin disease
  • Further access to appropriate prevention and patient centered skin treatment options for all patients.

What We’ve Accomplished:

  • Conducted several patient advocacy trainings in states across the country
  • Hosted Congressional briefings in Washington to raise awareness about the impact of access barriers to skin and dermatological care
  • Supported legislation that limits the impact of step therapy, prior authorization and non-medial switching policies at the federal and state level.