Made A Masterpiece, Inc


Who we are
Made A Masterpiece – A community for those with skin conditions and birthmarks.

We are a community for those with skin conditions and exist to provide education, resources, and support to children, teens, and their families so they are empowered to face the world with confidence.

We desire that every person comes to value themselves as the extraordinary works of art they were each created to be, and we envision a world where every individual, including those with skin conditions, are celebrated for their own unique beauty.

Our aim:

At Made A Masterpiece, we are dedicated to empowering children and families living with skin conditions to tackle the resultant social, emotional, and spiritual challenges.  Since those with visible skin differences literally wear their disease, they often put on an invisible armor in public to shield themselves from the stares and rude comments of others. Our hope is that with our support they can learn to shed this armor and truly love the skin they are in.  By increasing awareness and understanding of these conditions as an authoritative voice in our communities, we believe we can promote a more inclusive and accepting society where differences are celebrated, and diversity is embraced.

Through our support, we aim to inspire hope and confidence in those we serve. As an ally, advocate, and champion for children who have visibly different skin, we at Made A Masterpiece believe that everyone deserves to feel loved, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential. We are committed to working collaboratively with community organizations, patient advocacy and support groups, healthcare professionals, researchers, as well as pharmaceutical and skin care companies to advance the field of pediatric dermatology and improve the quality of life for all those who are living with skin conditions. Our vision is to create a world where skin disease is no longer stigmatized or considered to be a person’s defining characteristic, but accepted and celebrated as a beautiful part of what makes those with skin conditions wonderfully unique.

Contact Us 

Telephone Number: 713-280-0272
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Website: https://madeamasterpiece.org 
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