A Children’s House for the Soul


Who we are
A Children’s House For The Soul – A community for those with skin conditions and birthmarks.

To empower, encourage, and unite all children and families impacted by skin conditions and birthmarks
by providing social, emotional and spiritual support, while also raising awareness through community
education initiatives.

Make the world a more understanding, accepting and loving place for those affected by skin conditions
and birthmarks.

We provide several services to members and their families:
We provide opportunities for emotional support for families in a variety of ways. On staff, we have a
Certified Child Life Specialist to help families develop strategies on coping with their skin disease using a
variety of therapeutic play and educational methods to support positive emotional coping.

We have opportunities for mentorship between parents and children who are new to the current
challenges of their diagnosis with families who have been there and have wisdom and support to offer.
We partner with field experts such as child psychologists, special educators, and youth development
specialists. This enables us to provide a wealth of educational resources for families. At each of our
events, we utilize some form of play or recreation (art, dance, music, bubbles) to encourage the
identification of emotions and self-expression.

We provide social support opportunities for families to gather, play, learn, and develop lifelong
friendships. Being surrounded by people who understand where you are and what you are going through
because they have had similar life experiences is one of life’s simplest and most valuable treasures. It
helps mothers of itchy kids feel seen and known. It helps little girls with vitiligo see that they are not alone. It helps boys with hair loss develop confidence and strength. There is power in our community.

Contact Us 

Telephone Number: 713-280-0272
Email: educate@achildrenshouse.org   
Website: www.achildrenshouse.org  
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/achildrenshouseforthesoul
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/achildrenshouseforthesoul/